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Australian Car Brands – Top Australian Cars

Very few nations are fit for transforming a bit of paper into a car. Indeed, there are just 13 countries that plan, architect and assemble cars, and Australia is one of those.

In 1970, Australia had an achieve car industry with in excess of 450,000 cars made by the Australian car brands Mini, Leyland, Chrusler, Nissan, Valiant, Volkswagen, Renault and the current three brands. Nowadays lamentably, the Australian auto industry is at the base level, as the Australian business sector is brimming with transported in cars. Australia is renowned by creating expansive traveler cars, in spite of the fact that this class has endured a decrease in the business sectors in Australia, which brought about an arrangement of lessenings and shutdowns. In spite of the financial changes and element client inclination in Australia, the Australian auto industry has an immense legacy and its cars still pull in a chose base of clients.

Today, there are just three dynamic Australian car brands: Holden, Ford Australia and Toyota Australia. Discover something fascinating about each.


Holden brand logo

Holden is certainly the best Australian car brand and it is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria. It is one of the seven totally incorporated General Motors operations that offers vehicles for Australia and for whatever remains of the world. The organization is an auxiliary of General Motors and offers an extensive variety of Australian cars which are supplemented by foreign GM models. As of not long ago, Holden offered designed Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Vauxhall Motors, Isuzi and Suzuki models in imparting courses of action to Opel, Daewoo and Isuzu-sourced models. Holden Special Vehicles is a vehicle division of Holden and it delivers changed Holdens under HSV brand. Today’s Holden scope of vehicles incorporates cars that fit each funding. A little car for regular utilize, a quick energetic car for harsh drive or a SUV, there is definitely a Holden for you. Tragically, in December 2013, it was published that Holden will stop by 2017, because of caused misfortunes of the organization.

Ford Australia

Ford Australia logo

Passage Australia is a standout amongst the most famous Australian car brands as a backup of the American Ford Motor Company of Henry Ford. Established in 1925 in Geelong, Victoria, today Ford Australia is the main Australia car maker that plans and produces their own particular exceptional motors. The organization has an execution car division called Ford Performance Vehicles, of which cars are showcased under FPV brand. A standout amongst the most celebrated Australian cars is Falcon, which is initially an American item, yet in 1960, it was adjusted to the Australian street conditions and prerequisites. In 1972, the Falcon turned into a totally Australian planned. Shockingly, in 2013 was reported that Ford Australia will quit delivering vehicles by October 2016, following 88 years of existing. The monetary report in 2012 demonstrated a loss of 141 million of Australian dollars and a loss of 600 million of Australian dollars in the course of recent years. Nonetheless, Ford Australia will stay as a contender in the Australian market with transported in vehicles.

Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia logo

Toyota Australia, a backup of the Japanese organization Toyota Motor Corporation, is the last remaining producer of Australian cars, as both Holden and Ford have declared their shutdown. Toyota Australia is on track for its tenth successive year as the smash hit Australian car mark, that is the reason there are no indications of shutdown as Holden and Ford. The organization was made in 1958 and began with generation of vehicles in 1963 in the creation plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Kennath Hougham was one of the main powers to speak to Toyota in Australia. Of all Australian car brands, Toyota Australia is the particular case that was chosen as the Best Global Green Brand three years in succession, being acknowledged for thinking of projects for lessening the emanations, water and vitality utilization.


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