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Chinese Car Brands – Top Chinese Cars

Sometimes when we think which car-makers are the greatest and the best, individuals have at the top of the priority list car brands are from Germany, Italy, Japan and USA. Very few incline toward Chinese car brands, however China could be the following huge car-creating monster, as numerous Chinese cars are picking up an enormous notoriety. It is just a matter of time before the Chinese cars get to be standard the whole way across the world. These days, you can see only cars in the city in China, dissimilar to 10 years prior when the Chinese wanted to ride bikes rather than cars. Chinese economy has helped the nation’s auto scene to enhance and it is not astound that some Chinese car brands are entering the USA’s business sectors all the more regularly.

As the Chinese car industry is creating quick, we need to present you the best Chinese car brands. Simply note that the accompanying car brands are made in China just; foreign cars are excluded in this rundown of the best Chinese car brands.


Geely car brand

Geely, which implies fortunate in Mandarin Chinese, is a Chinese auto maker known for delivering cars when all is said in done. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Geely is a guaranteeing undertaking following its passage in the car business, offering an extensive variety of items, for example, vehicles, bikes, transmissions and motors. It is described with adaptable operation component, exceedingly experience group and persistent development, which control a fast and fruitful improvement.


Chery car brand

Chery is a state-possessed car assembling organization established in 1997. The main arrangement of cars was delivered in 1999, however they passed the Chinese limits in 2001 surprisingly. As far as deals, Chery is the seventh biggest Chinese auto maker by the yield measured in 2011, when it has created in excess of 600,000 units in that year. As of late, Chery lost an enormous measure of cash amid the improvement of two sub brands which the Chinese purchasers did not like, yet despite everything it stays one of the best Chinese car brands.

BYD Auto


BYD Auto is an prominent Chinese car brand which is situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It was found in 1995 and from that point forward, BYD Auto manages assembling vehicles and rechargeable batteries. The generation limit until 2010 was assessed at 700,000 units every year, while the deals in that year along arrived at around 520,000 units, making BYD Auto the sixth biggest Chinese car mark regarding sold units. In 2011, the car-maker did not by any means make the main ten, yet fortunately, BYD Auto has thought that it was’ spot in the 2012’s positioning, taking the sixth place once more, however now with 1.2 million of sold units.


Hongqi car brand

Hongqi, a sumptuous Chinese car brand, was established in 1958 and the first model of Hongqi was Ca71. The arrangement of Ca71 was immediately supported and utilized for transportation of remote dignitaries and gathering tip top and stayed underway until 1981. Today, Hongqi fabricates self-created Hqes or otherwise called Ca7600ls, however it is accepted that the creation form of them will get a body got from Toyota Landcruiser Prado.

Brilliance Auto

Brilliance Auto brand

Brillance Auto began with creation of vehicles, microvans, minibusses and car segments when they marked the arrangement with BMW cars in 2003. Headquartered in Shenyang, China, the organization co-works with BMW and uses engineering of Toyota for a percentage of the microvans. Along in 2011, Brilliance created around 524,000 units, which secured it the eight position among the Chinese car brands (as far as creation units).

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