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South Korean Car Brands – Top South Korean Cars

As an individual would not play backetball just on the grounds that he/she is tall, so a car is not a decent car on the off chance that it has a lot of horsepower. Yet at the same time, the strength is the first thing that is inspected of all the car determinations. It is generally a check that shows will the center of the car run smooth and well.

Be that as it may, the South Korean car brands are greatly well known all as far and wide as possible, however not just on account of their strength. In spite of the effective execution, South Korean cars are favoured due to their dazzling plan and progressed engineering. Indeed, the car business in South Korea is the fifth biggest on the planet, as far as created vehicles, furthermore the fifth biggest car industry by sent out vehicles on the remote business sector. Previously, South Korean cars parts were gathered from foreign made outside of organizations, however today, the best South Korean car brands create the most progressive cars on the planet.

In spite of the fact that these South Korean car brands are extremely mainstream, also of our article you can discover a concise data about each of them.


Hyundai brand logo

Hyundai is certainly the most famous and the best South Korean car brand, with a yearly creation limit of around one million and a half cars. The organization is headquartered in Ulsan, Seoul, which is the biggest coordinated auto fabricating office on the planet. Hyundai was the eight biggest vehicle maker in 2008, offering vehicles in excess of 190 nations through 6,000 showrooms and dealerships. Hyundai works all as far and wide as possible through six focuses on the planet: three in Korea and one each in Germany, India and Japan. The organization includes a worldwide vicinity: around 55% of the entire generation limit lives outside South Korea. An intriguing actuality that just demonstrates the achievement of Hyundai outside Korea: The South Korean car brand was the top rated car mark in Canada in 2013, offering around 95,500 traveler cars.

Renault Samsung Motors


Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) is a South Korean company that makes cars for the Korean showcase essentially. Headquartered in Busan, the organization was known as Samsung Motors, however in 2000, it turned into a backup of Renault, yet Samsung holds 90% of the proprietorship. The organization has one of the greatest innovative work offices and on account of it, the RSM cars have such praiseworthy innovation. Renault Samsung Motors at present has a creation limit of around 200,000 vehicles, however with its plans to compass over numerous diverse nations, its generation limit can just increment in not so distant future.


Kia brand logo

Established in 1944, Kia is the most seasoned South Korean car producer. Albeit at the outset the organization was managing steel tubing and creating bike parts by hand, soon the organization began to create any sort of vehicles. The organization as we all know today is headquartered in Seoul and is the second biggest and most prevalent car producer in South Korea. Since June 2012, Kia is 32.8% claimed by Hyundai, which implies that it is an auxiliary of it. Consistently, in excess of one million vehicles are created in 13 assembling operation focuses in eight separate nations and afterward are sold through a wide system of wholesalers and merchants in 172 separate nations. Because of the development in item quality, creative showcasing and outline, Kia was incorporated in the “Top 100 Best Global Brands”.

Daewoo/GM Korea


Formed in 1982, Daewoo was one of the best South Korean car brands. By 1999, the entire Daewoo Group had a budgetary inconvenience and was compelled to offer the auto division to General Motors. The organization turned into a backup of the American organization and was renamed to GM Daewoo. In 2011, Daewoo was at the end of the day renamed to its present name – GM Korea. GM Korea has five assembling offices in South Korea and one gathering office in Vietnam. Today, the organization produces packs and vehicles for Holden, Chevrolet, Buick and Opel, which are spoken to in excess of 150 businesses on six continents.

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