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British Car Brands – Top British Cars

British car brands deliver a standout amongst the most delightful and sumptuous cars on the planet. In the event that we simply say Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mini, Bentley, Lotus and Mclaren, you realize what sort of cars are the British cars. British car industry starts from the nineteenth century when in that time, it was the second biggest car producer on the planet, emulating the United States of America. Regardless of the achievement in the 1950s, a fundamentally lower development took after and put the British car industry on the 12 spot of biggest car producers, measured by delivered units.

On the other hand, the British car industry is on the ascent again with a development of 7% measured by July 2013, when about a million British cars made the creation lines. There is still a ton to do to achieve a generation of 2 million cars as in 1972, however the English car brands are heading the way appropriately. Of late, numerous British car brands were gained by outside organizations, for example, BWM’s Mini and Roll-Royce, TATA’s Jaguar and Land Rover and Volkswagen Group – Bentley. Here are the most mainstream English car brands in no specific order.



The notable British car is not British any longer, however an auxiliary of the enormous car producer BMW. In any case, the Mini, Cabrio and Clubman models are totally made in Britain at Oxford, Hams Hall and Swindon processing plants. The brand is still solid as it seemed to be, offering in excess of 300,000 units all as far and wide as possible in 2012. The BMW Mini is not the same most loved car for a lot of people, in spite of the fact that the new Mini incorporates huge numbers of the same little structure offers that made the excellent Mini so mainstream. In spite of the sleeker look and the current touches, the Mini still remains the excellent go-kart driving feel that made it so extraordinary.

Aston Martin


Despite the fact that Aston Martin is no more British claimed car maker, it creates a standout amongst the most alluring models offering progressed engineering in mix with the old-school British appeal. As initially established in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, from that point forward Aston Martin’s cars are known as extravagance excellent tourers, however brandish cars were bit by bit included in its scope of items. The car producer was an auxiliary of Ford Motor Company, until the Kuwait organization purchased 90% of Aston Martin and Ford Motor Company held a considerable measure of cash as stake.



Mclaren is one of the more current English car brands that makes a noteworthy progress. Developing as a standout amongst the best F1 dashing groups, Mclaren has found itself into street cars as intriguing as the F1s. Mclaren is collaborated with Ricardo and creates an own 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 motor to power the most recent era of cars. The English car brand has dealerships in excess of 20 nations and has sold in excess of 1,000 Mp4-12cs after stand out year available. Notwithstanding, Mclaren is one of the quickest, most attractive and most dependable English car brands ever.



Made in 1922, Jaguar is one of the best British car brands on the planet. Despite the fact that the mileage is a worry, Jaguars are still favored cars by those drivers who need a blend of force and extravagance. In 2008, the British car maker was sold to Tata Motors, an Indian multinational car assembling organization, for 2.3 billion of American dollars. Regardless of the huge fall of Jaguar, the quick and smooth looking cars have helped the offers of Jaguar. To be more precise, the Jaguar F-sort was chosen as the most excellent car in 2013. Today, Jaguars are fabricated in the designing focuses of Jaguar Land Rover, which plans are to create cars with the most recent era of innovations.



You realize that British car brands are about extravagance, correct? Bentley is not a special case, as it is one of the best British car brands that fabricates extravagance cars. In spite of the fact that it is claimed by Volkswagen AG, Bentley still creates its cars in Crewe, where Bentley constantly used to be create. Bentleys are generally sold by franchised merchants all as far and wide as possible and starting 2012, China is the greatest individual business for Bentley cars. Moreover, a Bentley is an extravagant car and for driving one, you will need to contribute countless dollars for purchasing but then more for keeping up and working it.

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