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Lamborghini Updates Their New Logo After Two Decades

Lamborghini or Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A has changed its brand’s logo after two decades. Even though the logo may look almost the same but a closer look can reveal some striking modifications and transformations. This has enhances and uplifted the brand’s image. This enables people to see the side of the company that values contemporary landscape of automotive industry.

Lamborghini Old Logo

This logo has a pointed-bottom crest in royal golden color with black color fill. Inside the top of the crest, Lamborghini is designed in the same color, with all capitalized letters, and using Calibri Body Bold font. Below the letters, there is a fierce golden colored bull facing right.

Lamborghini New Logo 2024

Now this logo is exactly the same. The design is the same, the only difference is that the bright royal golden color is now replaced with dull-faded golden color.

The company has used a strategy naming “Direzione Cor Tauri” which targets the company’s promise to environmental sustainability. The new Lamborghini logo is a minimalized version of the previous one. This means the company is opting to promote more eco-friendly approach and also opts to advocates for vehicles that prevent any kind of pollution while keeping innovation in view. The new logo of Lamborghini ensures to keep the essence of the company as just and also retaining luxury sophistication.

The change in the brand’s logo reflects inspirations and aspirations. The change has allowed the company to embrace authenticity, innovation, and courage to do more or go beyond the usual. You can say that Lamborghini has redefined its presence in the luxury vehicle industry around the world. The company emphasizes on “Driving Humans Beyond” and the change in the logo shows Lamborghini’s commitment to stick to their motto, exceed expectations, and push boundaries.

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What is the meaning of Direzione Cor Tauri?

Direzione Cor Tauri is an Italian phrase which means “Towards Cor Tauri” and in the Lamborghini’s context, Cor Tauri means the star in the Taurus constellation a.k.a. Aldebaran. Taurus is a zodiac sign that represents a bull. They used this strategy to move forward by considering innovation and commitment as their guiding stars.

Who designed the new Lamborghini logo?

The new Lamborghini logo is designed by the company’s in-house graphic design team.

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