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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Car Firstlook


The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is a mid engine two-seater coupe that uses the 4C platform developed by Dallara Automobili in Italy. Alfa Romeo 4C offers an engine that feature Alfa Scavenging technology. Alfa Scavenging technology maximizes the torque and reduce turbo lag by making modifications to the fuel delivery and valve parameters. The DNA switch offers drivers 4 different driving modes including dynamic, natural, all weather and race. Setting to each mode will make adjustment to the vehicle responsiveness, dynamic steering response (DSR) and suspension.

Concept and Specifications

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is an aerodynamic sports car that offers a streamlined body that features very modern headlamps design, and round tail lights. The air vents are located beside the doors. The front axle bears forty percent of the weight of the car while the rear axle bears sixty percent of the weight of the vehicle.

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is powered by all aluminum direct injection 1750cc turbo engine. The inline 4 cylinder engine is liquid cooled with turbocharger. The engine has a horsepower of 237 hp @ 6,000 rpm. The torque power is 258 lb.-ft. @ 2,200. The maximum engine speed is 6,500 rpm. Alfa Romeo 4C requires unleaded premium 91 Octane fuel. The oil tank capacity is 11 q.t (5.8 liters). The coolant capacity is 16 q.t. (10.6 liters). There are 4 three-way catalytic converters. The emission controls feature heated oxygen sensors. It has an overall EPA fuel economy of 24 / 34 / 28. It is equipped with 160 amp alternator. The 500 CCA car battery is leak resistant and maintenance free.

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C features the Alfa TCT Twin-Clutch transmission system. It offers first and second gears with double cone synchro. The single cone synchronizer gears include third, fourth, fifth and sixth gears. The transmission system feature sequential paddle shift gear with auto mode. The gear ratios are 4.154 for the 1st gear; 2.269 for the 2nd gear; 1.435 for the 3rd gear; 0.978 for the 4th gear; 0.755 for the 5th gear; and 0.622 for the 6th gear. It has an axle ratio of 4.119. The overall top gear ratio is 2.56.

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C offers a rack and pinion manual steering. The overall ratio for the steering is 16.69:1. The turning diameter is 40.5 ft. The steering turns (lock to lock) ratio is 2.6.

The front suspension system has a tubular anti roll bar. The rear suspension system features shock absorber, hollow piston rod, and side load spring. Both the front and rear suspension features high strength steel tubular control arms and aluminum knuckles. The brake system consists of vented disc and brembo fixed four piston calipers. The rear brake system consists of vented disc with dual opposing calipers. The power assist brake system features tandem diaphragm vacuum with zero lost travel.

For the exterior dimension, the overall length is 157.5 inches; the overall width is 73.5 inches; and the overall height is 46.6 inches. The wheelbase is 93.7 inches. The front track is 64.5 inches. The rear track is 63.1 inches. It has a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 liters. The drag coefficient is 0.335 Cd. The weight distribution is 41/59.

The headroom is 38.0. The leg room is 42.7. The shoulder room is 49.8. It offers a 3.7 liters cargo space. The seat back recliner range is 27+2 degrees. The base curb weight is 2465.


The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is equipped with Pirelli P Zero AR XL tires that features low pressure sensors in valve stems. The model of the front tires is 205/45ZR17 88Y XL three-season performance while the model of the rear tires is 235/40ZR18 95Y XL three-season performance. The rev per mile (rpm) for the front tires is 835 rpm while the rev per mile (rpm) for the rear tires is 764 rpm.

The 2015  Alfa Romeo 4C comes with standard wheels that are made of silver painted fluoformed aluminum alloy. The size of the wheels in Alfa Romeo 4C is 17 x 17.0 for the front wheels and 18 x 18.0 for the rear wheels. The standard wheels for the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition is forged dark gray wheels. The size of the wheels for the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition is 18 x 7.0 for the front wheels and 19 x 18.5 for the rear wheels. You can opt for matte black diamond fluoformed aluminum alloy or silver painted forged wheels.


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Car Interior Look.

Price and Expected Launch Date

The standard 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C model will start at $55,195. The pricing for the Launch Edition coupe is $69,695. The first productions of the Alfa Romeo 4C starts in May at in Maserati factory in Modena, Italy. Alfa Romeo 4C is on sale in the USA in June 2014.

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